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Lake Arthur Place
4225 Lake Arthur Drive | Port Arthur, TX 77642 3193
Phone: (844) 722-8800

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Lake Arthur Place serves seniors and patients from Port Arthur, Beaumont and the surrounding area. We specialize in therapy and senior rehabilitation. Our licensed physical therapists focus on improving the coordination, balance, strength, endurance and joint flexibility to achieve optimum levels of functional mobility. The goal is to move the patient toward greater independent mobility, either unassisted or with the aid of an assistive device. Our staff is fully trained in wound care management, using ultrasound, hydrotherapy and electrical stimulation to treat patients’ conditions.

Rehabilitation education of patients and families is an integral part of all treatment. The focus of our registered Occupational Therapists is to enable the patients to adapt their physical and cognitive capabilities to the skills needed in activities of daily life.

Our Skilled Nursing Services

  • Occupational, Physical, Speech and Wellness Therapy Provided by Senior Rehab Solutions
  • Complex Disease Management (Diabetes, Stroke Recovery, CHF, COPD)
  • Highly Skilled Wound Care Management
  • Medication Management
  • Spine and Back Therapy
  • Joint Replacement Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Specialized Nutritional Care
  • Exciting and Engaging Activities
  • Hospice/Palliative Care
  • Beauty Shop On-site

Unsure what type of care you need? Give us a call (844) 722-8800 .